¡La Abuela Necesita un Descanso!

¡La Abuela Necesita Un Descanso! with its supportive animated DVD in English facilitates English reading, pronunciation, and language proficiency.


Sister Damien receives a copy of the Spanish translation of Grandma Needs a Nap!, ¡La Abuela Necesita un Descanso!, with its supplementary animated DVD in English. By having the book in Spanish, and the DVD in English, this facilitates pronunciation and language proficiency. 


Sister Damien receiving and using ¡La Abuela Necesita Un Descanso!at Cabrini Immigrant Services in Dobbs Ferry.

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* Note: Spanish version of the book is given to all workshop participants.

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Grandma Needs a Nap!

Grandma Needs A Nap! describes a Grandma’s Day full of surprises, fun, games, music and magic with a heart-tugging twist at its end. The day described through the eyes of Ana and Andy provides, with subtle suggestion, a hint of a model of a day that is universal in its design.  Activities bubble forth as the children discover the joy of learning. Through the experiences in a loving, warm, soft atmosphere, learning and love are linked.

This beautifully illustrated family picture book with its animated voiced over DVD version is dedicated to grandparents and caregivers, who help children experience life through the loving interaction of the generations

Grandma Needs A Nap! also provides practical suggestions and easily read resource pages in a section entitled Grandma's Hints.

Its authors, who are both educators of children and teachers as well as being grandparents, describe a day filled with relaxed structure (loving routine) and creativity.

Photo Credit: Kathy DiGiovanna


Reviews for Grandma Needs A Nap!
(Grandma Press LLC) by Dr. Marie Amoruso & Dr. Joyce French

Is a tenderly illustrated family picture book of a day when Grandma babysits. Her two grandchildren Ana and Andy anticipate and share events of this weekly very special Grandma Day.

In the course of their day, we see the subtle structure, the inclusion of a flexible routine and the love of learning that occurs.

Underlying this tender fun-filled day with her grandchildren is solid educational learning theory and practical application that reflects the authors’ well-documented expertise in the area. In addition, Drs. Amoruso and French have included easily read resource pages of activities—“Grandma Hints”.

The inclusion of an animated DVD complete version of the book with narration by the children and grandma provides an added delight and a “multisensory” way to enjoy the delightful day.

At its least Grandma Needs A Nap is a beautifully illustrated story, at its most it is an educational resource that celebrates the value of intergenerational interactive moments in time.

A treat on many levels, I recommend to all who care for children, as well as education students preparing to become future teachers.

Dr. Amoruso will soon be releasing her other resources—“The Grandchildren Are Coming, Oh My!” and “This is My Grandchild, Please Handle With Care” a resource for grandparents of grandchildren of special needs and the Committee on Special Education Process.

Dr. JoAnne Ferrara
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Advising
Department Chair, Curriculum & Instruction
Manhattanville College
Purchase, NY

"The gentle, engaging experiences connect life and learning in playful ways that feed the mind and the heart.” 

Anne Marie Santoro
Director of Educational Programs and Services at Children’s Television Workshop’s (now Sesame Street)

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